Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world. This is because of its rich culture, awesome tourist spots, and of course bunch of its delightful dishes. Italian foods are so delicious that most of the countries around the world are serving them. There are so many delicious Italian foods, but what are the BEST and most served Italian foods?

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So, what are the best and most served Italian foods? We picked our top 3 food and beverages:

1. Pizza Margherita

this is one of the most famous Italian Pizza, not only in Italy, but the whole world knows about it. It is typically made out of bread (base), tomato sauce which is called Passata, then, of course, the ever delicious mozzarella cheese. The other toppings are your choice, but basil is what makes it Pizza Margherita.

2. Gelato

almost everyone loves this one. But not everyone knows that Gelato originally came from Italy. Gelato (Gelaterias in Italian), is the creamy, ice cream like flavored food. But don’t get confused, it is not ice cream!

3. Italian Coffee

definitely one of the best out there. Most likely served by a single shot of espresso.

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